The Louisville Roasts


Roast of Barbie


Original Date



Mandee McKelvey – Barbie
Luke McDermott – Ken
Mark Parris – Ken Week 2
Sean Keller – Raggedy Andy
Patrick Passafiume- Raggedy Andy – Week 2
Kent Carney- Nerf Gun Kid
Jake Reber- Lincoln Logs
Sean Smith – GI Joe Host
Tyler Jackson – Rubix Cube
Craig Williams – Cabbage Patch Kid
Darren Rodgers – Skeletor
Raanan Hershburg – Operation Man
Kate Sedgwick – Troll Doll
Lucas Murphy – Operation Man – Week 2


We expanded for the first time to two weekends with the Roast of Barbie, this caused us to switch out some of the characters on week 2 which made for an interesting twist. Some of the highlights included the Nerf Gun obsessed kid hitting a patron in the eyeball, and Barbie being trapped inside of her Mattel box. Big thanks to Scott and Mandee for dedicating the time to build suck a fantastic set piece as the Barbie Box.


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